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"Life is about giving back what you've been given. And for Trac Papish - who has been blessed with an abundance of creativity, a distinctive style, and a keen ability to take an abstract concept and transform it into a tangible achievement - that means giving his clients designs that exceed their imaginations.

"Four principles define the philosophy behind Associated Designs: communication, concept, specification and implementation. These are the strengths and the dynamics that have allowed the company to become a firm with a reputation for innovation and progressive work. Each relies on the others, and all carry equal weight in the success of a design and a client's satisfaction."

A pattern of behavior

The Plain Dealer, July 14, 2005

"Size matters, at least when it comes to mixing patterns to create an interesting look for a room.

"But mixing patterns can be intimidating if you haven't done it.

"'People get timid when they think about having to deal with scale, proportion, color when mixing patterns,' said interior designer Trac Papish of Associated Designs in Cleveland Heights. 'They feel they don’t know what they’re doing, and it scares them, so they stick with solids. They’re non-threatening, so people are more comfortable with them.'"

Lean and Clean

The Plain Dealer, February 20, 2003

"While gutting her kitchen and family room for remodeling, Alice Widman is searching for just a few standout pieces, rather than knickknacks to fill every nook and cranny. She has grown just plain weary of having too much stuff.

"With the minimalist approach, the chosen pieces have more importance, Papish said.

"The clean lines and 1930's and 1940's Art Deco feel of Donghia's furniture allow for that sleek, unfettered look.

"'It's not something you typically see in the market - you might see it in your travels,' Papish said. 'The way the pieces are designed allows your eye to dance around the shape of the piece so it's not so predictable.'"

Designers reveal the objects of their affection

The Plain Dealer, February 17, 2005

"'It's so empowering,' [Trac] said. 'He's facing the world, and is drawing strength and energy from nature.'

"From then on, every time Papish brought a client into the showroom, he showed them the painting. 'It had moved me so much, I needed validation on it.' he said. 'And that's so unlike me.'

"Finally, after more than a year and a half of longing, Papish gave in and bought the painting. The 28-by-32-inch painting hangs in his living room. He installed a halogen light in the ceiling, pointing at the painting and put it on a dimmer. Depending on how Papish sets the light, it either looks like a storm just blew out to sea or is coming in from the sea."

Heights Heritage Tour

2691 Derbyshire Road (2005)

When the owner (the house’s third in 85 years) moved in five years ago, the interior was firmly stuck in the Sixties: weighty window treatments; thick and dark carpets; and (gasp) a four-layer sea of linoleum in the kitchen. Little evidence of that era remains. Assisted by local designer Trac Papish, the owner renovated several bathrooms, repainted/papered virtually every wall, replaced the window treatments, installed recessed lighting in several rooms, added central air conditioning, stripped the carpets and redid the floors, re-landscaped front and back, and even installed a Naturestone floor in the large “summer porch at the back of the house.

Bratenahl condo gets a modern makeover

The Plain Dealer, November 15, 2007

"When Mark McGuire moved from New York City to Cleveland two years ago, he viewed house-hunting as a chance to make a fresh start.

"McGuire, with the help of Cleveland Heights interior designer Trac Papish, got it, gutting a lakefront condominium and transforming it from a traditional/nautical look to a posh mix of modern and traditional.

"Papish sent walls tumbling down. The main floor - kitchen, dining room and living room - became one big, open space. The bay in the dining room had larger windows put in to maximize natural light and lake views.

"McGuire and Papish will soon tackle the walkout basement. 'After what Trac did up here, I'm sure whatever he does downstairs will be great,' McGuire said."


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